12 Ways to Create Some Immediate Cash

Sometimes you just need some extra cash! There are some ways to do that in ways you don’t even think about. I’ve skipped things like selling body parts and fluid, so it’s not too drastic!

1. Return purchases in your house that you bought and have been meaning to return. Do you have new clothes in your closet that still have tags on them? Without a receipt you may not get cash, but even a store credit is better than having items you aren’t going to use or wear. I recently did this and had $48 in cash and a $30 Walmart card.

2. Do you have gold or silver lying around? You may have broken chains, one earring, or other jewelry. Look also for sterling silver salt and pepper shakers, spoons etc. You would be surprised how much gold and silver I buy at garage sales for a $1. Why would they not sell it for scrap? Most jewelry stores will buy it.

WARNING: All stores are not the same. Recently I bought some gold jewelry at a garage sale for $50, and took it to a jewelry store that offered my $149. I took it to a consignment store that I usually sell to and they offered me $200! Take it to a couple stores and see who gives you the highest amount.

3. Sell stuff on Craigslist. Everyone has stuff in their house or yard that they just aren’t using or don’t need any more. I sell tons of stuff on Craigslist! For everything you need to know about selling, check out my FREE Guide to Selling on Craiglist

eBay is great for collectibles that you really don’t know the price or you think an auction may bring more money. However, you have fees and will most likely have to ship the item.

4. Are you a diabetic and have extra boxes of test strips that you won’t be using? Has your meter changed as it does quite often, and you have strips that won’t work with it? Instead of letting them go to waste, you can help others and get money. Visit CashForDiabetesStrips.com

5. Recycle scrap metal. Remember the days when we all picked up aluminum cans? You can certainly still do that, but it takes quite a few to make any amount of money. However, you have other items that can go to a scrap yard. We recently took an old trampoline frame, pipes, lawn mower parts, iron rims, BBQ grill, metal chairs, a dishwasher, and some other items to a scrap metal yard and got $200. They were all items for the trash, so why not scrap them?

6. Sell books and text books that you don’t need. I sell on Amazon, but you can use Cash4books.net Some books are worth nothing, but you would be surprised what books might sell. I once sold some old engineering books for quite a lot of money.

7. If you have gift cards that you received as a gift and will never use, sell them on eBay, or GiftcardGranny.com You sell them for a little less than face value, but it is money for a card you won’t use! Likewise, it’s a great place to buy cards that you do use for a discounted price.

8. Have you bought Groupon, Living Social or other deals that you haven’t used? You can sell those a CoupRecoup.com This is also a great place to buy discounted deals.

9. Do you have a room in your house that you aren’t using? What about a parking spot? If you aren’t using them, why not rent them to someone who will? You would have to work out deals such as food, utilities, etc. for the room. A parking spot that you still use some of the time, can still be rented out for other times that you specify.

10. Sell your used clothing to a local store or online at ThredUp.com I will tell you that most stores are pretty picky about what they buy. It has to be something in style that is free of stains or holes. They tend to not buy more than they buy. However, if you have clothes especially from a teenager in the house, it is certainly worth sending in to see.

11. Do you get a large refund on your tax return every year? Check with you tax preparer and see if you should change your exemptions with your payroll department at work. Less taxes taken out, results in more money in your paycheck immediately. Caution – this could result in less of a refund, but you would be getting that money sooner.

12. This one seems obvious, but you usually have some money all over your house. Check your laundry room, car, couch cushions, and all your pockets. I have found money in a pocket of my winter coat in the summer time. Also, pick up money anytime that you see it. All those pennies and quarters add up!

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