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Lisa & Tim

My husband Tim is a nature guru and knows everything about plants, animals, and all the advice from the past generations.  He is a gardening expert and has eaten about every plant or animal there is to eat including a few bugs – yuk!


As for me, I like all that (well, not the bugs), but my heart is being a wife to Tim and mom to 4 teenage and adult boys! I am a former parent educator who taught parents how to enjoy their kids and make parenting easier with the course “Redirecting Children’s Behavior”. 


I love animals, DIY projects, church, our log home, and time with friends. I love a bargain and don’t like spending more money than I need to for anything unless I want to do so!


I like a simple life and I love being home creating an income.  People who now me call me the Garage Sale Guru as I love to buy and resell for profit. I love everything about the internet, my laptop, my phone, and making money online with multiple businesses and teaching others to do the same.  I’m just an ordinary person, not some big time unreachable internet guru, but I do love to market and build an online income!


That’s it, pretty simple!


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