Hand Made Busy Box for Kids

Hand Made Busy Box for Kids

Our friends became grandparents last year and made this awesome Busy Board.  Their grandson loves playing with it and it is great for motor skills.  I think it is ingenious!

It measures 18″ x 24″ and is easy to make.  They bolted two pieces of oak plywood at each corner.  Make sure you get smooth boards so there are no splinters!  After that, just use your imagination.

** Doorknobs, doorstops, hinges, hook and eyes, doors that open, light switches, or anything that looks fun and safe can be used.

board2 Hand Made Busy Box for KidsThey added an extra special touch by including pictures behind the doors. 

It’s great, as it can be changed to add different items, textures, lights, or anything else as their grandson grows.

** As always, use only what will be safe and age appropriate for your child and properly supervise.

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