Can You Make Money Buying At Garage Sales?

Can You Make Money Buying At Garage Sales?

Tim and I love going to garage sales! We have furnished most of our house and about everything else that we have is from a sale. People ask me all the time how I know what to buy for resale. I have learned through the years what I look for, but here are some of my best selling items:

  • Legos
  • Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouses and Accessories
  • Little Tikes Dollhouses and Accessories
  • Wilton Cake Pans (not all, but many designs)
  • Polly Pockets
  • Thomas Trains and Accessories
  • Vintage Tupperware
  • Goosebumps Books
  • Fabric & Yarn
  • Nintendo 64 Game System & Games
  • Vintage Glassware
  • Old Quilts
  • Gold & Silver

This is just a small sampling of items that I look to buy.  The best tool you can have is a smart phone. I take my iPhone with me and I can look prices up on eBay while I’m at the sale. That allows me to decide right then if I should buy it.

Here are a few tips:

  • Do not be afraid to ask if something is the best price.  I used to be very afraid to ask as I felt like I was being cheap (okay I am).  I have found that 8 out of 10 will give you a lower price.
  • I have also found that if I just ask if they will take a lower price is better than asking if they will take a certain amount.  Many times something will be $10 and I think if I can just get it for $8.  Instead of offering $8, I ask if it is their lower price, and many times they will say $6!  Let them have the final answer.
  • Search “Garage Sales” on Craigslist to see where the sales are in your area.  Wednesday and Saturdays are sale days here in Missouri, but our favorite is Friday night previews!  Many subdivision sales have previews on Fridays night.  Get there early and scoop up the bargains!

Ask for what you are looking for.  Recently, we were at a sale and it was getting late.  I was ready to leave and Tim asked her if she had any Legos.  She showed us a HUGE wooden toybox and said she had a great deal for someone who wanted it.  It was buried under a table, not even out for display.  It was about 80 pounds of Legos and she wanted………. wait for it ………………  $20!!      SOLD!

80legos Can You Make Money Buying At Garage Sales?

80 Pounds of Legos for $20!

I used to be a Powerseller on eBay, but now I sell most everything on Craigslist. Mostly because it’s FREE and it’s cash. No fees, no PayPal, no shipping! I can’t wait to share with you a fun little way to make money!

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  1. Lisa ~ Thanks for the info on garage sale re-selling. My husband and I are retired & I do some selling on Ebay but the shipping costs are getting out of control. Our town-wide yard sale is coming up in October & we go every year (love, love, love it). I will be on the look out for resale items. Have a good evening.

    • Hi Pat, sorry I missed this comment. Is the yard sale over? Did you find anything?

  2. I found a plan dollhouse & a duplo table loaded with duplo blox. Got both for $5 at goodwill–now I would have sold them, but instead they are currently ‘gramma’s house toys’. For about $20 I got all the toys I needed for my grands to play until they done with the preschool age.

    • That is great! I buy a lot that is for us or for the house. It sure beats retail!


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