How, When, and Why to Freecycle?

We all have stuff in our house that either isn’t good enough to sell, costs to take to the recycling center, or we just don’t want to haul away.  Freecycling is a great way to have it gone TODAY for free, and to keep things out of landfills.

If it’s worth anything, even $10, I always try to sell it on Craigslist.  If it is damaged, ripped, or in a condition that won’t sell, someone WILL want it for free!

Where do I list my stuff?

There are many groups that you can join that will enable you to do this, but my two favorite are and   You can choose the closest city or county by you and join.  This allows you to list items that you want to get rid of and get emails from others giving items away.

WARNING:  You will get a lot of emails!  You can have them go into a designated folder.  This is good if you just want to list, but bad if you want to be the first to get an item.

How do I list my Stuff?

I compose an email and CC all the groups that I send to so they all get it.  The subject should be:

OFFER:  Leather Couch – 63301

TAKEN:  Leather Couch – 63301  (to let them know its no longer available)

In the body of the email describe it briefly and anything wrong with it.  NEVER put you address, just a general area.

I have a brown leather couch that is in good shape other than cat scratches on the arms. 

I’m by north St. Charles

You can’t put stipulations, like tell me why you need it, etc.  That is not allowed.  I usually want it gone ASAP so I pick the first one that replies and will come today.  Reply back to the email and set up a time frame for them to come. You do not have to be there or even see the people.  I leave it on my porch and they pick it up.

SAVE YOUR EMAILS!  You may have a no-show.  It happens, and you will want to offer it to the next person.

Don’t ever think that someone won’t want what you have no matter the condition.  I have given a couch that were torn, full of dog hair, and really gross!  The guy that picked it up was thrilled as he had his first apartment and had nothing.  We have given window air conditioners away to families that were so excited.  You just never know who can use what you don’t need.

Something important to consider

If you want to and are able, it is better for you to take it to a non-profit resale shop or have someone like Am-vets come pickup your stuff.  The receipts they give you can amount to $1000’s of tax deductions!

However, if you have something large that you need gone today, is in to bad of shape to donate, or you just don’t want to mess with it, Freecycling is the way to go.

Do I get things on Freecycle?

Absolutely!  I have gotten a lot of great stuff, even some great antiques.   However, you have to be watching constantly so you are the first to reply.  I don’t keep watch too much anymore, but I do give stuff away all the time.

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