Do You Make These REALLY Easy Shopping Mistakes?

Marketing is everything to retailers!  They know exactly how to make you think and what to do to make you purchase something.  Pay attention to these subtle tricks that they use.

  • The sign reads 5 for $10!  Do you buy 5?  Unless you really need 5 of the item or it’s a REALLY, REALLY good deal, you can buy 2 for the same price per item.

  • This one REALLY bugs me!  The orange sign under the items says “As Advertised”.  It’s advertised, it must be a good deal, right?  Yet you look at the smaller sign, or the one that the special sign is placed over, and the everyday price is the same as the advertised one!  How can that be?  Well, they aren’t lying, it is the price they advertise everyday.  However, they do know when you see the bright orange sign standing out among the others; you will perceive it as a sale.

  • Is more always less? Do you pay attention to the prices?  REALLY pay attention?  You buy a multi-pack, because things are always cheaper in bulk, right?  Not always!  Many times I will see a pack of two of an item for $4.09 – Great deal!  Until you look and see that the same individual of that same item is $1.97 ($3.94 for 2 if you do the math). Walmart is especially good at this one, so you have to pay attention.

Pay attention and you will start to notice other tricks that are used to get your money.  If you have the right mindset and really notice all the details, you will keep more of your money!

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