Don’t Waste Money on Expensive Greeting Cards & Giftwrap!

Yes, I realize that getting a romantic card from someone melts your heart!  However, why do those dang cards have to cost $5 for some paper!

When my kids were little they were invited to many birthday parties and we would buy the gift, but I hated that I then had to spend another $6 or so on wrapping paper and a card.  I would rather give the extra money to the birthday child!

When they were little, my boys started wrapping the gifts in plain paper and stamping fun designs on them.  They would make and color their own greeting cards.  When they got older, they created cards on the computer.  Someone must have agreed with me because now you can buy cards for as little as 99 cents!

When it comes to wrapping gifts, there are still many ways to be creative, thrifty and still have a beautiful gift.  My son and soon to be daughter in law had a shower recently and I wrapped their gift like this.  I had some leftover Kraft paper from my Paper Bag Floor.  I wrapped the box in that, added some raffia, and tied a bow with some ribbon that I had laying around.  You bow doesn’t have to be this fancy, and you don’t have to add any extras.  Just add a personal touch!  You can stamp a design, write a message on the paper, anything!  Just be creative, but most importantly frugal!  Like they say, it’s the thought that counts.  I also think it’s the inside that counts, not the money you spend wrapping it!

PinExt Dont Waste Money on Expensive Greeting Cards & Giftwrap!

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