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aroma life My FavoritesI had heard of Essential Oils for years, but never knew much about them.

I was having problems with a racing heart and often higher blood pressure. I opted to try the recommended Aroma Life oil, and haven’t had a problem since. I simply rub some over my heart three or so times a day, and it took care of it. That made me a believer!

I also have had Carpal Tunnel for about 4 years now.  It was getting so bad at night that I would wake up and not feel my hand, and yet it was in pain.  I had to get out of bed and swing my arm in large circles to get feeling back and make the pain go away. I started wearing a brace at night and that helped.  After buying the oils I started applying them to my wrists.  I use Lemongrass, Aroma Siez, Wintergreen, and topped with Copaiba.  Within about 5 months the numbness has almost disappeared.  5 months sounds long, but not compared to surgery recovery!  This has helped tremendously!!

We use Peace & Calming on crazy puppies!

Thieves for toothaches.  Lavender for allergies, and I can go on and on about they have helped us.

Recently I started using Cedarwood for sleep.  WOW – love it!

We love all the oils! They have tremendously helped these and other issues with my family (including the pets!) – and other day to day issues that would previously require medication.

I am not in any way saying essential oils can heal or cure disease or condition, just stating what has tremendously helped my family!

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