Growing & Cooking Sweet Corn Tim’s Way

Tim plants sweet corn a little different then most people, because it produces more, and gives us corn all through the summer.

Start with a good seed.  He used “Incredible” and “Bodacious” which are incredibly sweet and tender.  Make two furrows that are six inches apart, and these will become one row.  Plant your seeds about five to six inches apart, about 1-1/2 inches deep, and cover. Start you next row (two furrows) far enough away so you can get a tiller through them.

The reason for two furrows in a row is so it pollinates better.  Also, if you get poor germination between the two six inch rows, usually  there will be enough corn to make a good stand.  This prevents having to start over if a conventional row doesn’t germinate well.

After the corn is about one foot tall, fertilize in between the two rows of corn that are six inches apart.  Then till in between the regular rows.  Ridge the corn to cover the fertilizer, give it a better root system,  and help the corn stand against wind.

Wait three weeks or when your corn is three inches tall, then plant two more rows (which is actually four rows of corn) following the previous directions.  If you have room in your garden you can plant more corn up until the middle or end of July (in the Midwest).  This allows for corn all summer long instead of all of it at one time.

This is just a plan, and you can adjust according to your space.  You can plant one row (two furrows) at a time, Tim does two rows.  Even when the corn does not germinate at it’s best, we still have plenty to share.  With a good crop, we have  lots!

COOKING – Too many people boil corn to death!  Here is the secret – Bring water to a rapid boil.  Place corn ears in water and cover.  When the water returns to a full boil again, it is done in three minutes!  That is when it is most tender and sweet.


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