How to Display Pictures In An Old Mirror Frame

My grandpa had an old mirror that I loved.  One day the glass broke leaving this old frame with wooden slats in back.  I had seen something like this on Pinterest with an open frame, but decided this would work with this.   I could still have my Grandpa’s mirror, minus the glass.

I used bailing twine to hang the pictures, but you can use wire or anything else.  Decide how many rows will fit according to the size of your pictures.  Place eye screws on each side and tie the twine to it.  It’s can be tricky – needle nose pliers help.  Twist the eye screws until the twine is tight.

I used tiny clothespins to hang my pictures, but you can use little bulldog clips.  I also make my new photos black and white to go with the old photos.

My grandpa’s broken mirror is now one of my favorite things in my house.

PinExt How to Display Pictures In An Old Mirror Frame

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