What Happens to Your Facebook Page When You Die?

What happens to your Facebook page when you die? Have you thought about that?

This is not meant to be depressing, but it is a serious question. In the days of hacking and profile takeovers it’s a serious issue to consider while you are still here to make plans. These and other questions you may have never thought about but could concern relatives one day.

In the case of death do you want your Facebook account to remain?  I always love it when it becomes a memorial page and people write posts even years later on birthdays and anniversaries or maybe when they are just thinking of you. For some it may bring sadness, but for many it may help to be able to still write short notes, remembrances, and post pictures.

Did you know you can create a Legacy Contact? This is someone who will be able to manage your page if something happens to you. They can create posts, accept friend requests, download content to save and other tasks. They won’t be able to log in to your account,  see your messages, or change any of your past content, except profile and cover pictures.

What if you want your account deleted when you die? That is as simple as checking a box telling Facebook to delete your account.  If someone contacts Facebook and asks permission to use your account since you have passed, they won’t be able to if the box is checked. The account will be deleted.

On your Facebook page, go to Settings, then Privacy and spend a little time looking at all the different security settings. You will find things you probably didn’t know were there. I know I did.

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