Love This Vintage Wash Tub in the Flower Garden

I love adding height and interesting items to my flower gardens.  I have a birdbath with flowers in and hanging over the sides.  I have small vintage chairs that are spray painted and holding flower pots, and other various metal racks that hold pots at different levels.  It is just so interesting to see a flowerbed with various heights, instead of all flat on the ground.  Beautiful rocks and geodes add great textures!

I found this great vintage wash tub at a garage sale for $10.  She asked for $20, I offered $10 and she was thrilled to sell it to someone who was going to use it.  I absolutely LOVE this planted with flowers!  Tim added another wash tub that we owned hanging from an iron stake, tilted, and flowers spilling out.  This was just planted so I can’t wait to see it when it is in full bloom!

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