Make Your Own Slip & Slide (Slip N Slide)

Make Your Own Slip & Slide (Slip N Slide)

When my kids were younger they loved playing on a Slip N Slide.  However, I didn’t like the price for how long it lasted.  It always seemed to get torn very quickly.  We found an easy solution by buying a roll of plastic at Home Depot for about the same price.

Our backyard is a hill, so we were able to get plastic that was 10 feet wide by 100 feet long!  Be sure to get thicker plastic, or enough to fold in half.  The prices are higher now than when we bought it over 10 years ago, but considering it lasted the entire summer with lots of boys, it was well worth the money!

Secure the top corners with logs, rocks, or something heavy.  Place a hose at the top with water running down, and another with a sprinkler hitting the plastic about halfway down.  The hill ended when the plastic did, so they always ended up in a pool of water, before running up the hill to go again!  Obviously, if you don’t have a large yard, buy shorter plastic.  It is still cheaper than the commercially made toy.

Here is a scrapbook page from then.  My scrapbooking days didn’t last very long, but I do love this one!  Even into high school years, that was how my oldest son celebrated his birthday.  The Slip & Slide was a tradition.

slip Make Your Own Slip & Slide (Slip N Slide)

PinExt Make Your Own Slip & Slide (Slip N Slide)

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