Parenting – The Most Important Job in the World

Parenting – The Most Important Job in the World

Parenting – the most important job in the world!  I remember having my first son and as I held him in my arms, a feeling came over me that I will never forget.  That little boy was totally dependent on us, not only to survive, but to be taught morals, manners, and lay the foundation that will guide his life for eternity.  Whew!

As we brought him home, I soon realized there is no parenting manual!  I had all the advice that I had been told and our own parents were so different; some good things, and some bad things.

It is important to take advice from all generations, as they have important things to share.  However, this was our son and I had an idea of what was important to me.  There were some cycles that needed to be broken.  By all means take all the advice you can, there are important things to learn from parents who have been through it all already.  Just be sure to filter it through your lens and take what you want and let the rest go.

Raising my boys was so important to me, that I became a parent educator and learned a philosophy about raising children that I believe has shaped them into fine young men.  My boys are not perfect and we are certainly not perfect parents.  However, they have become Godly young men who are grateful, kind, mannerly, frugal, sincere and a ton of other words a proud mom could throw out there.  They can be opinionated (think that came from me), sometimes question authority when necessary, and  a few other traits that make them each their own person.  I have enjoyed the toddler years, middle school years, teenage years, and now as they have become adults.

I can’t take so much credit though.  They have had pastors, teachers, friends, girlfriends, and so many others who have poured into their lives. We have been truly blessed.  Allow me to share some articles.  You may agree, you may disagree, that’s okay!  I thank God that I chose how I wanted my kids raised and invested in the parenting skills necessary. Again, take my advice and filter it through the lens that you want for your parenting style.

Peace Begins At Home!

lisa Parenting – The Most Important Job in the World

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