A Child’s Request – From Redirecting Children’s Behavior

A Child’s Request

By Kathryn Kvols, author of Redirecting Children’s Behavior

  • Hold me, touch me, snuggle me often, for it is through your love that I flourish.

  • Watch me, listen to me, take your time with me when you read “Green Eggs and Ham” to me, for I judge my importance by how important I am to you.

  • Be patient, understand me first, whenever possible help me to get what I want, for it is through your interactions with me that I learn how to be with others.

  • Don’t be afraid to be firm with me, it is through your firmness that I learn the courage of caring.

  • girl A Childs Request   From Redirecting Childrens BehaviorDon’t bribe me, reward me, or punish me, for it robs me of the opportunity to listen to my internal voice.

  • Don’t hit me or yell at me, for it teaches me to use force to get my way.

  • Forgive yourself quickly, for my spirit is resilient.

  • Instead of remembering my footprints on your windshield, my impish protests, and the hole I knocked in the wall, REMEMBER the night I discovered my shadow, my arms around your neck, and the delight of my giggles.
  • I will remember your butterfly kisses, your open arms, dancing in the rain with you, and the plastic frog you put under my eggs at breakfast – more than the toys and clothes you bought me.

  • On our difficult days, watch me while I sleep.  Marvel at my eyelashes, cheekbones and finger tips and remind yourself of how much you love me.

  • When given choice, assume the best of me and expect the best from me.

  • Stand by me but let me fight my own battles, for it is here that I develop my strength and build my character.

  • Support my ever changing dreams.  I need someone to believe in me when I don’t.

  • Trust me as a teen even though there is no evidence that you should.  Trust that you have taught me well.

  • Allow me to express who I am and make life’s decisions even though they differ from yours.

  • Lastly, make nothing other than God more important than our family, for it is here that I discover who I am.
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