The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

smallhoss The Power of Social Media

Social media, who needs it? Some people love social media and some people hate it, but there is no mistaking how powerful it is. It is how I make my income.

Friends of my son had their truck stolen a few days ago with their beloved dog “Hoss” in it. If you are a dog owner you can only imagine how awful that would be. There were news stories done and multiple postings on Facebook including a “Bring Hoss Home” page set up. In no time his story was shared by thousands of people all over the world with people praying and posting pictures of their own Boston Terriers.

Yesterday Hoss was found in the middle of a busy road and a lady stopped and got him. Luckily the truck thief had dumped him off instead of something worse and Hoss escaped getting hit in busy intersection, not to mention the cold weather he may have been in. Now, thousands of people are celebrating with them!

It can be used for great reasons like finding Hoss, and it can used for many awful reasons, however, love it or hate it, you cannot deny the power of social media.

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