Ask This Question to Save 50 – 85% Off Your Shopping Purchases!

This is an easy tip for saving a lot of money.  When we need bags of potting soil, concrete, or anything like that, we always look for bags with holes in them.  Usually there are bags with small holes, but they are still full and the contents are like new.  Large stores like Home Depot and Lowes will usually give you 50 – 85% off and even tape up the hole!

Use this tip for anything you are buying.  One time we needed wire for the garden.  The store sold large rolls of wire, but we found one that had some pieces that were cut and added to the roll, so that it wasn’t one continuous piece.  We asked for a better price since the roll was cut.  They sold it for 50% off.  The pieces didn’t matter to us, since we were going to cut it any way!

Be fair, don’t purposely put holes in them!  Also, it is okay to ask for a better price.  Most people don’t want bags with holes, so they would probably get thrown away at some point.  Be watchful, and always ask for a better price.  What do you have to lose other than less of your money!

PinExt Ask This Question to Save 50   85% Off Your Shopping Purchases!

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