Save HUGE With An Outdoor Woodburning Furnace

When Tim and I built our house we knew we wanted an outdoor furnace to heat the house and water.  It is the BEST investment that we ever made!

We couldn’t afford it when we built, so Tim ran water lines under the basement and up to the furnace.  They just stayed there until we were ready for the wood stove.

When we were finally able, we decided on a Hardy Heater Woodburning Furnace.  It is designed to sit outside next to your wood pile and keep the wood, trash, and ashes out of your house.  It heats our house and our water, although we have a normal propane furnace and water heater for backup.

Our wood is all free!  Tree trimmers always need a place to dump wood and plenty of people love for you to remove fallen trees from their yard.  Tim does cut wood, so there is some work involved.  However, when I know what we used to pay for propane, it is all worth it. 

The wood furnace paid for itself in two years.  I’ll never forget when the propane truck pulled in shortly after we had gotten it.  He looked at the wood furnace and pulled right back out.  Normally he would have left a $900 bill!

WARNING:  If you decide to look into a wood furnace, always ask the dealer what he offers after the sale.  We have a wonderful dealer who helps us in every way.  We called one that was closer to us, and he wouldn’t even sell us a $10 part because we didn’t buy the furnace from him! We called our normal one, and he helped as always.


PinExt Save HUGE With An Outdoor Woodburning Furnace

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