Sharing Our Favorite Garage Sale Treasures

Sharing Our Favorite Garage Sale Treasures

You know by now we LOVE garage sales!  We buy a lot of items to sell, but we also have found many treasures!  In fact most of our house furnishings, camping equipment, animal supplies, wood flooring (and I can go on and on), have been bought at sales.

Here are some of our recent treasures that we love!

I saw this old hand made cabinet at a sale for $200.  I had the perfect corner for it, but really didn’t want to pay that much.  I asked her bottom price and she said $100.  It was worth that, but I still wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money.  We exchanged phone numbers and I told her I would think about it.  As usual, I never thought any more and life went on.

About 3 weeks later I got a call and the lady asked me if I still wanted the corner hutch.  I told her I would like it but didn’t want to spend the money.  She told me that she would like to give me the cabinet since she was moving and knew that I liked it so much!

We went to get the cabinet and she also gave me some beautiful custom made chairs as seen in the next arrangement.  I LOVE my cabinet and it works perfectly in the kitchen corner.

arrangement Sharing Our Favorite Garage Sale Treasures


This is another arrangement that I love, and everything is from garage sales!

This is one of the free hand made distressed chairs from the lady that gave us the corner cabinet.

  • Sewing table – $10
  • Chair – $0
  • Lamp – $1
  • Antique Baby Shoes – 25 cents
  • Total $11.25


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