Silver Bowl with Chalkboard Finish

My son’s girlfriend, Meagan, made this for me for Christmas.  I think it is so cute and the ideas are endless!

Use any silver plated piece.  Make sure it’s not Sterling or a valuable antique before you paint in it.  Apply chalkboard paint (available at most paint stores) on the inside bottom with a foam brush.   It will need two coats, waiting four hours in between coats.  Then let it cure three days before drawing on it.  Follow the directions on the can of paint that you use.

After paint is cured and ready, cover the entire area with chalk and then erase it.  This will make for more even drawing.  Use a new piece of chalk and draw or write whatever you like.  Bows, decorations, and hangers are hot glued.

PinExt Silver Bowl with Chalkboard Finish

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