Simple Way to Grow Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great healthy food that we use for baking, Sweet Potato Pie (tastes a lot like Pumpkin, only better!), Sweet Potato Bread, and lots of other great recipes!

Here is how Tim grows his to make it easier, less weeds, and keeps the rabbits out while the plants or small. 

Get a clean 55 gallon barrel and cut in half, so you have two barrels to plant in.  For a smaller amount, you could use a five gallon bucket.  Cut the bottom out so you have a tube remaining.

Fill 3/4 full with dirt or compost.  Plant two to three plants in a larger barrel or one in a five gallon bucket and place it in your garden.  The plants will grow up and over the sides of the barrel and the roots will grow down.

Trimming the vines gives more nutrients to the potatoes, but it’s not necessary.  The rabbits or deer may also eat the vines at this point, but it won’t hurt anything. 

The potatoes are ready to harvest around mid September here in the Midwest.  They need to be dug before the first frost.  Simply turn the barrel or bucket over and shake out the potatoes.  No need for a potato fork!

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