Simple Yummy Crepes

Simple Yummy Crepes


We eat a lot of Crepes!  Tim has a supply of wild blackberries that he has picked and has frozen for use all year long.  Strawberries you can buy pretty reasonably during the year, or grow your own.  Peaches are also good or any fruit that you would like!

This is a simple recipe that anyone can make.  I use store bought crepes that are usually found in the produce section.  There are recipes to make your own, but I like the store bought ones because they are light, thin, and you can take out however many you need.


crepe21 Simple Yummy Crepes
Filling Ingredients:

3 Oz. Cream Cheese
1/2 Cup Sour Cream

1 Tablespoon Sugar (or Stevia, a healthy sugar substitute)

Have your fruit cut and ready to go.  Put the desired amount of cream in on the crepe, add fruit, roll up and put in pan on medium to low heat.  Cook a few minutes until golden, then turn to other side.

A few tips I’ve learned –

  • Do not let your filled crepe sit very long or it will rip and get holes in it. 

  • The best way to turn your crepe is with your fingers!  A spatula or anything like that can tear it or make it come unfolded. 

  • Fold in the ends a little before you roll the crepe up.  This keeps the fruit from coming out the ends. 

  • They will burn easily if the heat is too high.  Keep a close eye until you figure out the exact temperature. 

  • Lots of whip cream!!
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