Simply Made Day Bed

Simply Made Day Bed

Our son Jeffrey left for college and our next son Benjamin couldn’t wait to move into his bedroom. We have four bedrooms and four boys, so two boys always had to share. However, when Jeffrey returned for the summer he no longer had a room!

We created a room for him that doubled as his bedroom when he is home and a place to hang out the rest of the time. The only issue was we had no bed for him, and I didn’t really want a bed in the front room of our house where people hang out. Thus, my predicament!

The kids had grown up with pine bunk beds. Each one took their turn in the bunk beds, until the beds were finally taken apart and each put in a different room. That was my answer!

daybed Simply Made Day Bed

Bunk Bed

Here is a picture as the work begins!

Tim bought a board that was made of three 1″ by 6″ pine boards glued together. He screwed that to a frame made of ripped down 2″ x 4″ boards.  It made the perfect back!   I stained it to match, sealed with polyurethane, and we added a piece of round trim on the top.

daybed5 Simply Made Day Bed

Back Added & Stained

daybed4 Simply Made Day Bed

Molded Trim Caps the Top




I added sheets, a comforter that didn’t look like a bedroom, and lots of pillows!


Finished product – a bed by night, and a great place to hang out and watch TV or play video games the rest of the time.

Daybed21 Simply Made Day Bed


PinExt Simply Made Day Bed

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