War on Debt Tip – ASK to Lower Your Utility, Phone, and Medical Bills

I have done this with our cable company (before bundling), insurance company, and anyone else we pay for service. I called a competing trash company and got their rates, which were lower than my company.  I liked my company and wanted to keep them, but I called to let them know the rates of the other company.  They wanted to keep my business, so they lowered mine to $10 below the others rates.

If you are paying cash for a medical bill, don’t be afraid to ask for a lower cash price.  They are usually more than willing to lower the price if they don’t have to bill insurance companies.

Side note – if you do have a medical bill that you can’t afford, let the business office know.  They will usually go over your financial information and many times reduce your bill or a fraction of what it was.

Recently a call to AT&T saved me monthly fees for some apps that had been added to a few of our phones without our knowledge. The AT&T rep said it was quite common and checked the entire account to see what could be deleted.

I called AT&T another time to check on the full amount due because my son’s phone had broken and we needed to use an upgrade and get him another phone. The nice gentleman looked over our account and told me the amount due. I confirmed the exact amount and he told me to hold on a minute. He came back to the phone and told me he was going to credit the entire amount of $534!!!!

I asked why and he said because we had been such good customers for so long. I couldn’t believe it, but I checked the computer and it said 0 balance. He credited not only what was due, but the balance coming up! We were truly blessed that day, I hadn’t ask this time, he just gave it to me.

Don’t be afraid to ask.  Companies want to keep your business.  If they say no, I just tell them it doesn’t hurt to ask!

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