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I love being a stay-at-home mom.  However, I’ve always had to help with the family income.  I knew a full time job wasn’t the answer, because I felt my job was to be at home and manage the family.  Four boys and many pets can keep you busy!

I’ve had many businesses.  Some were very successful, and some, not as much.  I’ve held hotel meetings, home parties, and spent hours and hours on the phone!  I don’t mind talking to people who want to talk to me, but I HATE calling leads and people who never wanted to talk to me in the first place!

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I have since learned how to market a business online by simply sharing information that I love!  I build it with a smart phone, social media, and a WordPress blog.  I’m having fun!!



  • I do not have one house party – unless I want to have one!

  • I do no chase anyone down and beg them to join

  • I do not call leads all day

  • I LOVE what I do and have fun

I would love to have you on the team!  Take the NEXT STEP ……

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